Ms. CRANKY'S HAT, well, one of them

Ms. CRANKY'S HAT, well, one of them

Monday, April 29, 2013




Ms. Cranky was on her way upstate by train (she loves trains, you might know) to see her beloved relatives. It had been a long time and she was real excited, so much so that she ran to the wrong track first, not reading the destination correctly.

But, the one part of the train trip Ms. Cranky hates is going down the Amtrak escalator stairs to the train as some bozoo usually gets his or her luggage down, then stands there in a stupor while the rest of us are being quickly zipped down the escalator and about to fall over this person’s head with our luggage.  Ms. Cranky has before had to holler “please move out of the way” (‘there are other people in the world’, she’d like to add.)  Usually the person looks up in wonder but still doesn’t hurry away.

So, Ms. Cranky has taken, as she hates being hit over the head by a huge suitcase from behind, to waiting two or three escalator steps before getting on the moving stairs which she hopes will help the situation when she gets to the bottom.

But, not a week ago Friday on the #281 train to Niagara Falls when this couple got off with all their luggage and just stood there waiting for Ms. C. knew not what.  Ms. Cranky was still halfway up the escalator and not a total nervous wreck then but she well knew the guy behind her had a gargantuan bag with him.  So, as they got closer to the end of the escalator ride, a huge group of people was now blocking everyone’s way off the as the original couple had not figured out quite what they felt like doing and just stood there all goo goo eyes. 

So, that’s when Ms. Cranky started hollering, at first quietly, should one be able to holler quietly, and, by the end when she was about to tumble over this assembled group of people and the man behind her would pile onto her, she screamed full out (there were no ‘pleases anymore’, no ‘please move, please’)---- ‘GET OUT OF THE WAAAYYYYY!!!!!  WE’RE ABOUT TO PILE UP!!!!  By then, the conductor had stopped giving directions to the-all-eyes-so-innocent looking couple trying to maim us and started shouting very loudly himself.

Ms. Cranky lives in a walk-up and cannot be hit by a 60 pound piece of luggage. But, Ms. Cranky, even if she didn’t live in a walk-up, would still not want to be hit by a huge piece of luggage nor to tumble over her fellow passengers.  Who would?  These were adults not three-year olds, capable of buying a ticket, planning a trip and packing a ton of stuff.  But, what was that couple thinking or not thinking?  And why does Ms. Cranky end up making a fool of herself (or, perhaps a hero??? --- yeah, that would be nice once in a while --- Ms. Cranky the hero!).

People, too many and these were mature people here and we are not talking bombs planted here, are lost in their own worlds and the rest of us can just fall all over the place and hurt ourselves till they figure which way they’d like to go --- ‘front or back? --- hoo, hum? Which way, ohh, I don’t know’ --- hey, there are only two options and you can always change your car or seat on the train if it’s not to your liking but you don’t always have a chance to not hurt your fellow humans.  Get a grip people!!!


Thanks, as always, for stopping by.  Ms. Cranky is back in her walk-up, flowers a blooming joyfully, cat purring away, very strong coffee brewing --- home.  She had a wonderful trip with her beloved cousins and thanks them all.  She came home with lovely old family pictures, beautiful eulogies to read from a treasured family member for two funerals.  Cranky cried a lot on the train home.  There were a lot of memories upstate, good ones, good people ones, she was lucky.  And, she was also lucky to get there in one piece by acting like a crazy screamer and she’s glad she did. 

Thanks again for stopping by, enjoy this God-given spring.  When Cranky walks a dog for her friends, they always stop at two yards full of, like full of, violets.

Ms. Cranky, April 29, 2013 --- who loves and cherishes Amtrak and its kind (and often cute workers like the guy in the Club Car on the way back--- yikes) --- Cranky could have spent all her money going back just to see his beaming smile.


Which reminds Crankky of her quote of the day ---

Some people make you feel so special and others make you feel invisible.  Cranky votes for the former.  Special is such a good way to go about the world.