Ms. CRANKY'S HAT, well, one of them

Ms. CRANKY'S HAT, well, one of them

Thursday, November 22, 2012

MS. CRANKY, THANKSGIVING EVE, 2O12 --- The End of a Long Subway Ride

Ms. Cranky was coming home from a long, long subway ride and a wait for a volunteer job that didn’t work out.  She changed trains once again through the long Court House Square Station in Queens to get the “G” train home to her, now, cat- sitting job.  Suddenly there was this loud hollering in her ear and two, one quite tall, young boys were talking to each other but hollering though they were but three feet away from each other and could have talked normally.  The noise reverberated even more in the long underground of the low-ceilinged corridors of the huge station.  And, Ms. Cranky’s nerves weren’t the best after a long trip with no results except for a very nice grilled cheese sandwich, thank you very much.

So, Ms. Cranky did what she often does when people are hollering behind her.  She stepped aside and let them get in front of her and holler in someone else’s ear.  Nice person --- huh???  Cranky did notice that the one boy was awfully cute and, for a bit, envied him his energy, annoying as it was to her peace of mind.

Several thousand stops later or, so it seemed, Ms. Cranky emerged from the “G” train to run errands before the beloved cat job.  As she was moving quickly along the corridor at the Carroll Street Station, there walked the taller of the two boys, beside her --- “was she being followed?” 

As they got to the end of the, again, very long narrow corridor, and to the enclosed staircase (worse for noise), the boy started hollering again, this time, at a hugely high level and right into Ms. Cranky’s ear.  She turned to glare, hoping to stop him but he kept wildly screaming back to his friend.  Ms. Cranky is not sure what she did then, hurried as fast as she could up the stairs to get away from this craziness for sure, and she thinks she might have been waving her arm back to indicate --- ‘please, please stop screaming, enough already!’ And she knows she swore, but, quietly.

But, out on the street, a shocking thing occurred --- the young boy caught up with her and APOLOGIZED, like apologized for screaming in her ear, like apologized like people used to do!!!  This was totally a shock to Ms. Cranky, a very pleasant one but a shock nonetheless --- an apology!!!  Wow, sometimes, it takes so little to turn the day ‘round.

Cranky was touched, shocked, bowled over.  She thanked the lovely-looking, if not always sounding, young man with the great haircut, for apologizing.  And, then Cranky added --- “Maybe I’m jealous; maybe I just wish I had your energy --- if only for a moment!”

Happy THANKSGIVING to one and all and thanks for stopping by.  It’s a lovely holiday though in the New York area muted this year.  It’s hard to enjoy the day like we usually do with so many of our citizens suffering so since the hurricane, so many are still without, it hurts us all as we are joined, thank God, we are joined.
Ms. Cranky, November 22, 2012