Ms. CRANKY'S HAT, well, one of them

Ms. CRANKY'S HAT, well, one of them

Friday, October 16, 2015


Ms. Cranky though not a sports fan (?) does love when 'her' teams do well.  She loves the spirit of her city when everyone's all revved up.  Cranky even sometimes learns more about the specific sport at major times like this.

So, the Mets' win last night in LA is very exciting to her --- no she'll not buy a ticket, not that she could --- there are none. No, Cranky wouldn't go that far but she does think she might just hop a train from Atlantic Avenue and zip on out to Citi Field just to catch the rarefied air.  She thinks that just by 'being there' she'll be excited and will surely see a spectacle of her fellow New Yorkers --- all dressed up in their Mets hats and tees.  Hey, it's not exactly like having the Pope around but it'll have to do for the time being.

Not too many events can compete with that guy and his little beanie, at least for Ms. Cranky.  Bring back the Pope, bring back the Pope.  Cranky wishes he lived here, maybe they could volunteer at a soup kitchen together, they would have such fun.

But, back to, ehh, sports --- what Cranky mostly loves about these sporty things is seeing the families together and can easily cry over a father holding his small son's hand as they take the subway to a game.  If they might also have on matching outfits, Ms. Cranky will truly cry (but, not as much as for Pope Francis!).

There's just one problem that Ms. Cranky has with all this sports stuff (besides boredom, sometimes) --- how can they waste all that champagne???  It breaks Cranky's heart.

Any waste bothers Ms. Cranky, ala her over-wrought recycling life.  But, we're talking about champagne here!!!   Champagne --- so, so sad --- a sweet sentiment, perhaps, but such a waste.  Do something else with that sentiment --- like hold the cork.

Or, overwrought teams could get one of those new gadgety machines that put sparkles in your water and use that and save the champagne for what it's made for --- to drink.

Nice talking to you, a cool but sunny day here, Ms. Cranky gets a few hours off after a hard week --- a bit of gardening maybe or, perhaps, a trip to the Pier in Red Hook --- just to look out on the water and remember there's more to life than complications; sometimes that's hard to remember. And, there's gotta me more to life than unresponsive bureaucracies!!!  Hopefully.

Enjoy the baseball series but, remember --- hold the cork!

See you next time, Ms. 'baseball fanatic for a few weeks' Cranky.