Ms. CRANKY'S HAT, well, one of them

Ms. CRANKY'S HAT, well, one of them

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ms. CRANKY Asks --- Does Anything Work Anymore???

Part I.

Ms. Cranky had paid her bill in full to the Dental School well over a year ago, like 15 months ago.  But, the few times she went into the school to get a check-up or something, they said ---“You owe this amount of money, you owe this amount of money” and Ms. Cranky always replied --- “But, I know I paid that bill, I remember paying it so I feel okay coming back in again (Ms. Cranky is sort of ‘old-world’ in things like this).  So, because of thinking she owed money, Cranky stayed away from the dental school as she was in arrears (a great old word --- don’t you think?) and her teeth got more and more in arrears and after Christmas this year, so many months later, her January bank statement showed her fairly hefty check, her wonderful, duly paid check to the Dental School.  But, though the bill had been paid 15 months ago in September, 2011, they had not deposited Cranky’s check until December 21, 2012 and it kept Ms. Cranky from seeing the dentist, which, as it turns out, could have really helped her.  Ouii. 

Part II.
Ms. Cranky loves the excitement of getting a new monthly MTA card because Ms. Cranky loves to travel, loves to move about her beautiful city and its boroughs.  And, it’s a symbol to her of a month ahead --- what might happen, what she might do, whom she will see or meet anew.  So, Ms. C. gave herself extra time on the day she needed a new card (ya gotta always give yourself extra time with machines in case they don’t recognize your payment or have some other kind of hissy fit that day.)  But, all went well for once.  Ms. Cranky veered between three machines at her local subway station as some had good days on Tuesday, some on Thursday and she had picked the machine that took her card without huffing and puffing and gasping and saying the frustrating “try again.”  So, Cranky was on a roll, this was a snap and she entered her zip code as requested and the machine replied “Thank you for your payment,” and “Please take your card” and she was ready for yet another month!!!
Cranky, almost arrogantly (because when things work, Ms. Cranky can get carried away with herself) entered the turnstile and zipped her card through but was abruptly stopped short by the bar which held her back and when she looked at the electronic sign at the turnstile, it read --- “insufficient fare.”  She tried several more times and got the same block.  The woman at the MTA booth (Ms. Cranky thanks God there are still ‘real people’ working in some of these places!) ran her card through and came up with nothing on it, like the whole transaction and zip codes and “thank you very much” had not happened.  But, she didn’t want Cranky to buy another card because she might have already been charged for this one.  So, she let Ms. Cranky through which was very nice of her and for the next few days until she dared try again, Cranky had to take lots of change and use her card bus by bus, train by train, until she was sure that the “thank you for your payment” hadn’t been registered to her charge card.  How does that happen?

Ms. Cranky, as always, thanks you for stopping by and would love to hear your stories of things not working.  We could write a book or, perhaps, a series of books.  Have a great day and remember to always give yourself extra time because things don’t always ‘work’ as they should, could, might, etc.  And, most often, not as you planned!!!

February 13, 2013